Cupcake, Savoury

Savoury Cupcakes

This morning, whilst reading through an internet discussion on cupcakes I heard about something unusual: Savoury cupcakes.

The conversation started with the usual chatter about why cupcakes are so popular and finished with a poster saying she didn’t like the taste of the topping as it was often too sweet for her; so it was suggested she try savoury cupcakes.

I have to admit that even with my love of baking this was a new concept for me!
Apparently they are very popular in Canada and America but they obviously haven’t taken off very well here in the UK.

I think the difficulty with trying to encourage people to eat a savoury cupcake will be the name. Usually a cupcake makes you think of a lovely, pretty and sweet afternoon treat not a savoury snack.

A few people have mentioned to me before that they have a preference for a savory treat rather than a sweet one so I think this is something I am going to look into baking…but I will possibly have to change the name.
Maybe something like ‘bun’ or ‘muffin’ is a much more taste-bud friendly sound.

I have a couple of ideas of recipes for savoury cupcakes which I think I might try making but in the mean time, check out these and see what you think – who knows, savoury cupcakes might be the future.

Bacon and Maple Cupcakes

Pepperjack and Pesto Mini Cupcakes

Lamb Cupcakes

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