Food Ramblings

One Greedy Italian

I’m sorry I havent posted much for a couple of weeks.  It seems that I don’t know where the time has gone recently and I havent even really been baking too much.

After a week holiday in Norfolk I am feeling revived and ready to get baking again.  Although not a culinary part of the world I have enjoyed eating some really nice food, though it hasn’t been inspirational as to what to bake.

Luckily, one of my favourite cookery programs is back on the TV making – the two greedy Italians  with Gennaro Contaldo and Antonio Carluccio.  It is brilliant because they travel around my favourite country cooking the food I love.  I am lucky that I have some Italian family so every year our trip to Italy is filled with wonderful food.

Unfortunately this year I lost one of my Great Aunties, Zia Aida.  She was the best cook I have ever known and also won awards for her cakes!  She was such an inspiration to cook Italian food, even if I did always come back from holiday unable to fit into my clothing.  She cooked all of the meals in the house for the family since she was 13 years old so she was an expert.  She didn’t speak English and never wrote her recipes down so most of them have been sadly lost with her.

I think I should carry on with my baking by making some Italian cakes.  I have 2 favourite cookbooks which I can use, my two greedy Italians book and Sweet Maria.  I will also have to practice to recreate some of the baking my Zia used to do, though I don’t know if they will ever be as good I can certainly try.

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