Sweet, Traybake

Standby Chocolate Brownies

Chocolate brownies are fab!
I especially love the ones that are all sticky in the middle and have a slight crunch on the top, I think these are usually called American Brownies but the recipe I made at the weekend was from an Australian, and it works brilliantly.

When we went on holiday to Australia last year (oh where is the time going?!) for my birthday my Auntie and Uncle gave me a cookbook from an Australian Chef called Donna Hay. As you probably already know that I love cookbooks so I was really chuffed with it.
One day watching TV I noticed that Donna’s show was on so I watched it and she made this recipe – Standby Chocolate Brownies

It looked so easy to make so I had a go and was so impressed with the results. Strangely, these brownies don’t actually have any chocolate in at all, yet you would never tell as they taste so chocolatey (I don’t even know if that is a word).

If you ever need a simple easy recipe that is so easy to throw together, but that looks and tastes impressive then I would recommend it.

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