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My dreams for the future

I have a couple of things I would really like to do in my life. I have achieved a lot of these by having the wonderful life I have with my husband, family and soon to be parenthood but there are two things I want to do: open a business selling cakes and write a cookbook.
Unfortunately with the current market in the dire state it is, as well as having a mortgage and people to provide for, my dream of opening a shop is on a permanent hiatus. It’s not that I don’t think about it because I do…a lot. I have the shop name, the look, menu’s all written down and kept safe for that day when I can go for it but for the moment I am keeping the dream to just that – a dream.

In the mean time I have been keeping myself content with writing my blog and just enjoying baking for the love of baked goods but I find myself coming back time and time again to the other dream of writing a cookbook.

I have begun to research into it and find out what my possible options are. Now I am not so egocentric to believe that I am going to become a best-selling author and live a good life off the profits of my book sales, I am a realistic person! But the idea of my recipes in print is very exciting so I am currently reading up and what my options are

Firstly I need the idea. I am torn between writing a children’s recipe book or just writing it for the general home baker. I know that my style is very much home cooked and simple so a diversion away from this may not be a good idea just yet. Then I need to spend a long time perfecting the recipes, testing them all extensively on family, friends and complete strangers before I can even set the idea fully into motion.

I have a lot of cookbooks at home so I know what style I would quite like the look and feel of but I have a feeling it may be expensive to produce.  I am thinking of a very short run of ‘print on demand’ to give me a chance to have some to give away to people and to also make sure I am not left with 500 copies that I cannot sell or an E-book which could be downloaded onto something like a Kindle.  With my husband being a graphic designer I am sure that the book would be visually very nice.

I think it might soon be something I look into more and more and work out the feasibility and you never know, one day you might see “The Happy Little Baker Cookbook” at a store near you!

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