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Speed Baking – Fruit cake

I really fancied a piece of fruit cake, even after my sister and husband kindly donated me what was left of their yummy wedding cake.

So I decided at 7pm Sunday evening that I would make myself a fruit cake to eat.

I found a fantastic recipe from the BBC website which is for a fast bake fruit cake, meaning one that doesn’t take over 3 hours to bake in the oven and doesn’t need 2 – 3 months of ‘feeding’ in order to be ready. If I waited for my usual Christmas cake recipe to be ready the baby would have been born.

I had decided fruit cake it is.

I had the ingredients I needed so I lined my tin, pre-heated my oven and set to work.
Making this recipe is very easy indeed, it is a really simple “chuck everything in and hope for the best” kind of recipe, which I know suits most people.

Once it was cooked and cooling on the rack I had a look for icing and marzipan in my baking cupboard and with luck on my side, I had enough to decorate the cake!

I did make a bit of a cake decorating faux pas, because even after 2 hours cooling time I could feel that my fruit cake was still a little warm, but I didn’t care because it was gone 10pm and I fancied eating a slice of my cake tonight. So I marzipan’d and ice’d the fruit cake (another faux pas – you’re supposed to wait a week between putting the marzipan and icing on) then cut straight into it… and it tastes fab.

I definitely recommend trying this recipe if you’re after something quick, easy and impressive looking. You could use it for a Christmas cake if you are a little short of time though it doesn’t keep like a Christmas cake usually does.

I made a few changes to the recipe –

1. I poked holes in the top of it and covered it with some amaretto liquor so there is a slight boozy taste.
2. I added some chopped up walnuts to the dried fruit.
3. I used peeled Granny Smith Apples.

Easy Apple Fruit Cake Recipe

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