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Little ‘h’ cake pops

I am always fascinated by looking at what other people achieve with their cakes and I have recently been staring intently at my friend (and distant family member) Helen’s cake pops pictures!
She has just this week started up her own business finding the time even though she has two (cute) little kids and so far it seems to be good.

As you probably know I would love to have my own bakery but I’m unfortunately not that talented in the cake decorating department. Now this isn’t false modesty and I can create something that looks half decent with a little bit of fondant icing, cutters, glitter and colouring but I really don’t have the artistic flair needed for the fantastic cakes you see at weddings and birthdays.
If I we’re to ever get my business then I would love to make the cakes and let someone with the skills decorate them properly.

Helen though has a lot of skill! Hence whilst I am enjoying looking at her pictures of her cake pops.

I have not yet tried to make cake pops but they look and sound so good that I think I will throw aside my cupcake cases and try these instead. I like decorating small cakes because they are much easier to make effective without the skill needed for a large intricate cake… plus they sound tasty.
I’m not sure how my husband will take to cake pops after his reaction to cupcakes but it will be something new to try that I haven’t done before.

Anyway, if you want to have a good look at Helen’s cake pops and see what I am raving about (or even just to ‘like’ her page) then check it out:  Little h Cakes – Facebook Page

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