Cupcake, Sweet

The dream that created Pac-Man cupcakes

I’ve always had very vivid dreams and nearly every morning I can remember at least one of them. pac-man cupcakes
Usually they are garbled rubbish which at the time seemed perfectly normal though on reflection you think “I really should cut out cheese before bed”; but on the odd occasion a dream has given me an idea.

I got my first tattoo after dreaming it, I saw the design and where I was going to have it, so in the morning I woke up and drew it so that I wouldn’t forget.
Luckily the dream I had last night was a little less permanent and painful – I dreamt I made Pac-Man themed cupcakes.

I had plans to bake some cakes for a friend so I thought I’d bake these to and I’m glad I did because I was really happy how they came out for only a little effort.  It did help that I already had the icing mixed to the right colours so a few cutters, a little edible paint, and voilà! Pac-Man cupcakes.

I thought my cousins boyfriend will enjoy these as he likes retro gaming…and cakes.  Happy eating Calum.

3 thoughts on “The dream that created Pac-Man cupcakes”

    1. Recipes from dreams are so fun when they happen!

      Several years ago, I had a dream in which I made a chocolate-raspberry-pecan-custard pie. I had never made a custard pie (or any pie, to be honest) before, though I had made some stovetop custards and a custard-based ice cream. I taught myself about custard pie methods by trying out different recipes, and, when I felt I had the hang of it, gave the CRPC pie a try. It’s fantastic, and I now have it in lieu of cake for my birthday some years.

      Plus, in the process of learning how to make my dream-pie come true, I discovered that I really like making — and eating! — all kinds of custard pies. My two latest experiments, a fig-almond ricotta pie, and a blueberry meringue pie, were also popular with friends and family.

      And I might never have started baking pies at all if it hadn’t been for that one dream…

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