Cupcake, Sweet

The gift of cupcakes

Sorry I haven’t written anything in a while, but although I haven’t been blogging, I have been baking…I’ve been baking cupcakes!

I was going to be going to my friends hen a couple of weeks ago but due to having a small baby and all the demands which comes with that – I couldn’t go.
So I decided to pop along to wave everyone off and bring some cupcakes along.  I decorated them with pink glitter and hearts that I spray painted silver, obviously the theme of love, although from the sound of the night they had it might have been better to decorate them a little more rude.  hehe.

The next cupcakes I made as a gift was for my cousin who is training to be a tattooist.  She tattooed my husband and as she can’t be paid yet, I made her some cupcakes.  My husband said it might be a little bit strange taking a box of cupcakes into a tattoo studio but I thought they would go down fine.

I’ve never really thought about cupcakes much as they are very common nowadays but I have to say that because of the amount of different flavours or styles you can decorate them with that I am sure I will keep making them for people.  They look very pretty when you have them all together in a box, especially since I bought some boxes and my husband designed me some labels for them.  I should have really taken some photos of them but I didn’t really think to, I promise I will next time.

If you want to try making the cupcakes that I make as gifts for people then please have a look at the recipe here that I made for my sister’s wedding.  The cupcakes I always make use muffin size cases so that everyone has a good sized little cake.

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