About: The girl with the cupcake tattoo

Welcome to my blog, my name is Michelle but you can call me Shel.

I graduated from university with a law degree in 2005 so I always thought that was the career path I was going to take; but as I have worked in my legal job I realised that baking is what I really want to do.

I daydream a lot that I could buy a shop and open a bakery or tea room but unfortunately itโ€™s too risky to do with two young children at the moment… so I decided to become a dedicated home baker. I usually bake at least once a week so I hope to be able to update my blog at least once a week to. This blog has been resurected after a 5 year hiatus so you may notice a huge gap before 2019.

I don’t have any qualifications in baking or cookery although I would be quite happy to go to catering college if I had the time and money.

I gain my recipes from cookbooks, internet, blogs and also some of my own inventions. My go to recipe is a simple cupcake but I have also taken a short course in cake decorating, so now I am trying to make my decorations more elaborate. I have also discovered how much I love to bake bread, even though my first disaster is still a talking point.

I have created this blog to share my recipes, trials and errors with you. I am always happy for feedback and comments if you have tried a recipe or want me to try it out for you then let me know.

I am in a settled relationship with my boyfriend and I’m a mom to two wonderful and crazy children.

Finally – I love baking so much that I actually have a tattoo of 2 cupcakes on my back.

Facts about my baking:

  • I love cookbooks although I often just look at the pictures for inspiration
  • I use Stork margarine for my baking, unless it is something that really does need butter
  • I always use free range eggs – sometimes the eggs come from my parents pet chickens which are very happy and free
  • I use normal granulated sugar instead of castor because it is cheap and we always have it in
  • I don’t measure essences and extracts, I just pour a little in
  • I have a fan assisted electric oven and a Kenwood mixer

Random facts about me:

  • I don’t have a favourite colour but if I had to choose it would be green
  • I have a love of lemon, chocolate and cinnamon flavours
  • I don’t really drink alcohol though if I do then I like a dry cider
  • I’m not a tidy person, especially whilst baking though I am working on this
  • I go to the same place in Italy for my holidays every year, and have done since I was 2 years old! I also love Amsterdam
  • I’m not a morning person though my early rising children have forced me to be
  • My favourite type of chocolate is milk chocolate
  • I love Mars Bars and especially Mars Easter Eggs
  • My favourite time of year is Christmas as I love spending time with my family
  • I love Italian food, but don’t eat seafood

If you want to contact me, I now have an email address for you to use:
shel.happylittlebaker @ gmail.com (please note that you need to remove the spaces!)

8 thoughts on “About: The girl with the cupcake tattoo”

  1. I love your tattoo!
    I have just started my blog too. Like you I plan to release a recipe a week. That’s the plan any way, unless the day job takes over like it did over Christmas.
    Good Luck!

    1. Thank you, I am lucky to have a very talented cousin who designed my tattoo for me.
      I will definitely have a look at your blog, I am always interested in what other people are up to!

  2. Hi Shel, I’ve found your blog via Jen’s. I was reading your soda bread recipe, has it been experimented with? I have. Cooked a few and found using porridge in the mix helps create a bigger juicy crumb if you know what I mean. Personal preference as ever though.

    Good blog though, keep it up. I’ll sign up.

    1. Hi, thanks for your message. ๐Ÿ™‚
      We haven’t had much of a play with the recipe yet as my husband always makes this… but I have said I would love to have a cinnamon and fruit soda bread. I will have to try it out one day.

  3. Hey, I’m happy to have found your blog, I enjoy baking although my skills don’t go further than the traditional yoghurt cake, I’ve not had a disaster in the kitchen… yet! I’m looking forward to look through your blogs and finding new recipes I can try! ๐Ÿ™‚

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