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Summer holidays in Italy

Sorry for the lack of posts for the last couple of weeks but I’ve been away on holiday to Italy with my family.
This year has taken a lot more planning than the usual “chuck everything in the suitcase and leave” strategy. This year we have been planning our holiday for months to ensure it all went well whilst travelling with my 9 month old baby.

And luckily it did!


We had a great time with my family, eating lots, drinking lots and sleeping lots. It might sound like a chill out holiday but with a little girl who can move faster than lightening and us staying in the family home, which got stuck in the 1950’s (seriously, you have to plug the shower into the mains in the bathroom and plugs have no earth wires!) it was spent trying to keep her safe and entertained whilst allowing her freedom to enjoy her holiday.
Plus the heat and humidity meant that everyone wore so much suncream they were slippier than a fish.

But heat and scary house aside we enjoyed it… a lot.

I decided that Italy should be the place for my little girl, Alice, to have her first ice cream. Where else does the best flavours like this? It beats down a cornetto any day.

I’d love to have a go at making ice cream like this at home but our freezer always stores meat and pasta sauce and I really don’t have room for another gadget I won’t use very often. So till next year I’ll just dream of ice cream and Italy.

Food Ramblings

Re-making wedding cupcakes


It was my sister and brother in laws first wedding anniversary about 2 weeks ago and so I had really planned to make them a couple of boxes of their wedding cupcakes I made last year.  Unfortunately, I was poorly (which, due to everyone else getting ill, I realised was tonsillitis) and it never happened.

So this week when we went down for their house warming BBQ I decided to get to it and make them.

It might have been a couple of weeks late but everyone was very happy to eat them and it was nice to re-do them again as they look so pretty.

Food Ramblings

There must be an Olympic sport for how fast small children move?

In my fridge is some shortbread dough just sitting, resting and waiting all expectantly for me to roll it out and make it into cookies; unfortunately my daughter has other plans that I should do with my time.

Mainly she thinks that I should be running after her as she’s started crawling over the last two weeks, and today pulling herself onto her feet, so now my time is taken up saying “no, don’t eat that” or “leave the cat alone”.

I do have so many things that I would like to bake but unless it is quick and not time consuming then I will have to put it into the back burner for the moment.

Some ideas I’d like to do are tempering chocolate to make decorations, cocktail cupcakes and sweeties from my Sweet Shop cookbook. I will get round to doing some soon.

Food Ramblings

Cake Resignation Letter


Have you ever wished you could just quit your job and bake cakes? I know I have!

Well, this guy actually did it and what better way to tell your boss you’re leaving than piping it onto a cake. Cake resignation letter

Unfortunately my piping skills aren’t that good so I’d probably just write “So long and thanks for all the fish” and run out of the door.

Hopefully with this publicity his business will be a success as its always nice to see people become successful at their dreams…it gives me hope.

Food Ramblings

Super Sweet Blog Award

Super Sweet BloggersI have to say that I’ve always been a tiny bit jealous seeing lots of other blogs get nominated for awards but finally my blog has one! Yay!

Thank you very much to All about the Bake for my nomination for the Super Sweet Blog award.

The rules of the award are: 1 Visit and thank the blogger(s) who nominated you. 2 Acknowledge that blogger on your blog and link back. 3 Answer the “Super Sweet” questions. 4 Nominate a “Baker’s Dozen” (13) blogs for the award, add a link to their blogs in your post, and notify them on their blogs. 5Copy and paste the award on your blog somewhere.

So, the Super Sweet Questions (and answers) are:

1. Cookies or Cake? Cake. Yes, please!

2. Chocolate or Vanilla? Always chocolate

3. What is your favorite sweet treat? Probably a bar of milk chocolate – anything from the cheapest to the most expensive.

4. When do you crave sweet things the most? In the evening when watching a film with my family.

5. If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be? At work I have been called ‘the cake lady’ as I used to bring them cakes in.  I guess that’s pretty sweet 🙂

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