My Cookbooks

About me and my books

I am lucky to have an understanding boyfriend who is happy to indulge my love of cookbooks and build space for me to store them, so I now have 2 shelves of books, magazines and recipe collections; but there is still room for a few more, though only just!

All of my cookbooks are well loved and have been used and read at some time, with each one having its own special purpose at some point in my life. I still have my first ever cookbook that I received when I was about 6 years old – Let’s Cook! by Mary Danby. We used to eat a lot of fruit salad then as it was the recipe that I was able to make on my own and I loved to follow the recipe exactly. My first real cookbook then came from my Uncle on my 13th birthday, it is a Mrs Beeton book.

A lot of my cookbooks I buy myself from charity shops but I have also had lots as presents from friends and family for which I am very grateful. So, thank you to everyone who has bought me cookbooks as presents – I love each and every one!

The List

Here is a list of my cookbooks that I have. If I mention a recipe used in a cookbook then you will be able to find the name, author and ISBN number or date published if they don’t have an ISBN. Please note that this list isn’t yet complete, but I am finally about half way through.

Baking, Cake making, Cake decorating, Deserts – Any cookbooks based around something sweet

100 brilliant baking ideas Olive Magazine 978-1-846-07812-5
100 comfort food classics Olive Magazine 978-1-846-07569-8
A zombie ate my cupcake Lily Vanilli 978-1-908170-09-5
Cakes and Slices Australian Women’s Weekly 0-949128-10-4
Children’s birthday cake book Australian Women’s Weekly 0-049128-03-1
Classic Cakes Barbara Maher 0-7445-0655-7
Cupcakes and muffins – 100 everday recipes Love Food 978-1-4454-3041-6
Everyday muffins and bakes 1-40548-679-1
Favourite teatime recipes 0-906198-24-0
Fondue Lorraine Turner 1-40541-981-4
Hamlyn’s Fondue Cookbook Jill Spencer 1-85152-774-5
Let’s cook Mary Danby 0-330-31258-8
St. Michael Harvest desserts and ices 0-706-440-021
St. Michael Just Deserts Jeni Wright 0-906320-11-9
Sweet Maria’s Italian Cookie Tray Maria Bruscino Sanchez 0-312-15670-7
The big book of beautiful buscuits Australian Women’s Weekly 0-949892-10-6
The complete book of home preserving Mary Norwak 1978
The Hummingbird Bakery cookbook 978-1-84597-803-3
The Primrose Bakery book Martha Swift and Lisa Thomas 978-0-22-408688-2

Meals, Cooking, reference – These are general all purpose cookbooks. They usually have a combination of different recipes and styles of cooking to allow you to cook a 4 course meal.

All-about cookery – New edition Mrs Beeton
Almost Vegetarian Australian Women’s Weekly 1-86396-015-5
Barbeques and patio meals Caroline Ellwood 0-85941-859-6
Easy Food 1-84400-133-4
Enjoy one pot Love Food 978-1-4454-2786-7
Jamie’s ministry of food Jamie Oliver 978-0-718-14862-1
One pot cooking 1-90393-834-1
Saturday Kitchen best bites James Martin 978-1-86-07283-3
St. Michael Casserole Cooking Myra Street 0-904230-43-0
The farmhouse kitchen Mary Norwak 0-7063-4194-5

Italian, Chinese or Indian cookery – These are cookery books based around a country’s cusine.

Top 100 stir fry recipes Ken Hom 978-0-563-52164-8
The new curry secret Kris Dhillion 978-0-7160-2204-6
La vera cucina Italiana Donaldo Soviero 0-285-63103-9
The Carluccio’s Collection – Pasta Antonio and Priscilla Carluccio 1-899988-44-0

8 thoughts on “My Cookbooks”

      1. I actually received many cookbooks for my birthday in June and I haven’t used most of them yet. The ones I received were Japanese and Bento cooking books and a taco cookbook on making all these different kinds of taco, which I love taco! There aren’t to many other cookbooks I need right now I’m just trying to utilize the ones I already have because I just have so many! πŸ™‚ I hope you get the cookbook your wanting for your birthday that sounds great! πŸ™‚

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