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Baby weaning > Blogging

Sorry about the lack of updating recently but I have been very busy at home as we have recently started weaning our daughter onto some solid food.

Although I have been baking I have also been thinking about very creative new recipes such as stewed pear, carrot, parsnip… you get the idea!  Today’s recipe for her has been her own tomato pasta sauce which is now happily sitting in the freezer till it is called upon to be spread around my daughters face.  Its been quite exciting time for the both of us, a very messy time, but I think we are getting there a little.


I have been baking though so I will try to post pictures and recipes what I have made in the next few days.  For my mothers birthday I made a cake stand full of small cakes, for my mom’s birthday I made my version of the Pigs in Mud cake and today I have made Choka Moka Cupcakes for my husband.  So I have found time to bake, I just haven’t really found the time to blog – but I will make it up to you.