Food Ramblings

There must be an Olympic sport for how fast small children move?

In my fridge is some shortbread dough just sitting, resting and waiting all expectantly for me to roll it out and make it into cookies; unfortunately my daughter has other plans that I should do with my time.

Mainly she thinks that I should be running after her as she’s started crawling over the last two weeks, and today pulling herself onto her feet, so now my time is taken up saying “no, don’t eat that” or “leave the cat alone”.

I do have so many things that I would like to bake but unless it is quick and not time consuming then I will have to put it into the back burner for the moment.

Some ideas I’d like to do are tempering chocolate to make decorations, cocktail cupcakes and sweeties from my Sweet Shop cookbook. I will get round to doing some soon.