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Earl Grey Tea Bread

Surprisingly for someone who loves tea as much as I do, it took me until my 32nd birthday to try tea bread.
I don’t know why I never had this before its lovely! And as you’d expect from the name it goes perfect with my copious amounts of tea.

My boyfriend bought me my first ever one as a birthday present and it came from an expensive artisan shop so when I tried it it was beautiful. The next one I tried was from Aldi – I never noticed it in there before but now I suddenly saw it.

Now, had I tried the Aldi one first I’d have loved it but as I had the Buxton tea bread it just didn’t taste anywhere near as good.

As usual this prompted me to try and make my own version. I used this recipe but changed the tea.

Good to know – Tea Loaf

This is the recipe I have used for my base but instead of Roobios I have used a lovely loose Earl Grey tea to infuse my fruit. I left it for about 5 hours to soak and I also added some extra mixed spice and some cinnamon. To top the cake off, for the last 20 minutes I have sprinkled the cake with a mix of brown sugar and cinnamon.
Unfortunately I can’t tell you how this has come out yet because although the cake looks and smells amazing, it says to wait at least two days!

I’m stuck looking at a lovely hot cake which I can’t eat. I really hope it’s worth it because I don’t have much restraint for resisting cake but if it makes it special then it’ll be worth it.

Food Ramblings

My Food and Drink Christmas pressies

Santa was very kind to me this year by bringing me lots of lovely things to eat or bake, I felt very lucky indeed.

I am learning to make my bread by hand and bake it in the oven but there is also a good use for a breadmaker to, so I asked my parents for one for Christmas.
They’ve bought me a really good Morphy Richards one so now we can easily bake our own bread in 3 hours, no matter how little time we have.

Attica Tea
TeaI had this present from my sister and brother in law and its fab. I’ve never seen a tea cafetier before but I don’t know why as it makes the nicest tasting tea, and makes me feel very posh.
My brother in law worked in a tea room for a while so they allowed them to buy one for me.
Everyone knows that I am a huge tea monster and my favourite is Earl Grey with milk. Unfortunately, since I’ve been pregnant and because I’m feeding my daughter I can only have one or two cups of tea with caffeine in, so if I’m going to have one then its got to be a good one.

They also bought me a HUGE jar of Baci Di Dama cookies from Carluccio’s. Yummy.


Cupcake cups


Following on from my ‘i love tea’ theme, I was bought these fab silicon cupcake cups from my other brother in law. I decided to bake some cupcakes for new year and everyone was quite excited by the look of these as they were so cute.