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Bread maker Madeira Cake

Have you ever tried to use your bread maker to bake a cake in? I have!

Ever since I had my bread maker for Christmas, I had been curious to try out the recipe that came in the book for a Madeira Cake.  Madeira cake is a pretty heavy sponge recipe anyway but I have to say I wasn’t really too impressed with the results.

The bread maker obviously doesn’t have eyes or fingers to poke the cake with to see if it is ready so the cake was far too over cooked around the edges.  It was so dry that I filled it with lots of buttercream and jam just to try and give it some moisture.  Luckily the birds seemed very happy to be receiving the end pieces to eat – though I’m surprised they weren’t too heavy to fly afterwards.

The other reason I would advise against making a cake in your bread maker (unless something terrible has happened to your oven and you just have to have cake and you can’t get to a shop to buy one) is that the bread maker only does the baking part.  All the ingredients you have to weight out and mix by hand and then you put it into the bread maker just to bake it for you.
And if you’ve ever baked a single cake you know that it is no hard feat just to put it in the oven, that’s the easy part.

So, my review of my bread maker cake… Don’t do it unless you want a heavy, dry, crumbly cake which is only good for birds.

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Christmas cake fail

I’m very late in starting my Christmas cake this year as usually Halloween signals the start time, but I thought its better late than never.

Unfortunately my first attempt only managed to get half way through before it ended up in the bin due to a catalog of errors leading to its eventual demise!

I knew it was going to go wrong from the start when I bought the wrong eggs.
Now they weren’t wrong as in quails eggs instead of hens, but what I had bought was eggs from caged birds instead of free range ones by accident.
Although this probably wouldn’t bother many people, it really bothers me and makes me feel guilty.

Next I forgot to buy butter so with a very unhappy baby screaming very loudly in the car, my husband had to nip into the shop to buy my butter on the way back from the supermarket.

Still, not to be deterred I plodded on with my cake recipe but I only got as far as creaming the butter and sugar together when I thought the mixture might not have been right as it didn’t look smooth. Turns out I’d not used fine brown sugar!

Although this was frustrating I thought it might have been ok to carry on till I made one fatal error – I dropped half an egg shell into the mixture.

Not a problem just take it out you might say? … well, I would have done if my Kenwood was not whirring round at the time. Not all the patience in the world could rescue picking out tiny bits of egg

So I decided it had all gone far too wrong and bagged and banned it.

Tomorrow I will try again and hopefully this time it’ll go right, because no one wants a bad Christmas cake with egg shell in it.