Food Ramblings

Stratford Food Festival

Each year Stratford upon Avon has a food festival on with lots of tasty food to eat, and this year looks even better than ever as they have the Fabulous Baking Brothers doing a demo!

They did a really good TV show which me and my family really enjoyed watching and now they are coming to do a show near us.
I am quite lucky that my sister lives in Stratford so it is quite easy for us to go down to visit and eat food whilst we are at it. Last year I had some lovely cinnamon baklava which was wonderful and the lads spent their afternoon drinking real ales.

Unfortunately I don’t think I am going to be able to go… I will only be 1 week away from giving birth so I will have to see closer to the time, although the lure of a good kangaroo burger or rabbit pie is very inviting.

If you’ve never been before and don’t have too far to travel then I definitely recommend it as a good day out.