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Quick apple fruit cake – my birthday cake

In our family, I am the person who always bakes birthday cakes for everyone and it is a job I love to do but this also means that I bake my own birthday cake.

Now don’t feel sad for me, I get what I want, and I’ve also been bought a fair few (I had a great hello kitty one a couple of years ago) but nothing quite beats a home made cake so I choose what I fancy and make it.

Happy birthday to me…

This year I a wanted a fruit cake with marzipan and icing so I used this recipe Easy Apple Fruit Cake as my base and then decorated with ivory icing. I used Ivory for no other reason than I found it in a shop for £1 for a 1000g, no special design purposes.
Then, because I was decorating my cake at night again I thought “this would look quite good with stars painted on it”. (!) Seemed like a quick and easy thing to do at the time. 21 hand painted stars later and a border, I also hand painted with hundreds of little dots, I was done. I am fairly pleased with it though it could have been a lot neater but I will blame my boredom by the end. I will definitely use this method again.

Although my birthday isn’t till tomorrow, I’ve started eating the cake already… My birthday cake, my rules! Hehe.

PS, I never write happy birthday on it, that would be weird.

Cake, Sweet

Mary Berry’s Easter Simnel Cake

Happy Easter everyone, I hope you’ve all had a lovely day today.

Easter was and is one of my favourite holidays of the year, after

I added the marzipan topping, 11 balls for the faithful disciples - I actually made 12 so I ate Judas.

Christmas.  As a kid there was so much to love about it, chocolate eggs, egg decorating contests at school, Easter egg hunts, films on TV… Did I mention the chocolate?

As an adult I still love it!
I love all the family getting together for a lovely meal and there is something very special about eating chocolate and not feeling guilty which you don’t seem to get much in your adult life. 

This year was the first Easter with my little daughter and although she is too tiny to understand any of it yet it was still a great day to spend with my family as my sister and brother in law came up to.

Yesterday, me and my mom decided to do some baking together and made a Simnel Cake after watching The Great British Bake Off Masterclass program.  We used the wonderful Mary Berry’s recipe.
Unfortunately, I think our cake was a little overbaked and drier than it should have been but who can resist a fruit cake with marzipan on it!? Well, except the half of the family who don’t like marzipan, or fruit cake.

Mary Berry’s Simnel Cake

Cake, Sweet

Making my own birthday cake

Usually I like to make birthday cakes for family and friends but for my birthday this year I quite fancy a Christmas cake.  Well, I don’t think it will be decorated as a Christmas cake but I want a nice dark fruit cake that has been soaked in something alcoholic (I might use Amaretto) and then covered in marzipan and icing. Mmm.   To be honest, just thinking about it is making me really want to eat it now but the best cake is matured over 2-3 months so there is no chance of it being ready tonight.

For my Christmas cake I usually start at the end of October, which this year might be a little more difficult with the baby coming along but I will try to make it anyway, no matter how tired I am or whether I’m making it at 3am.

My birthday is on the 10th August, so I will need to start soon to be able to allow it to mature (unlike me on my birthday). I think I might do it this weekend! I don’t know what recipe I will use yet as I have used a couple of different ones the years I have been making it but when I find it will let you know, especially if it is the best taste.  It is probably weird making my own cake but I don’t mind because it just gives me an excuse to make a cake!

In the mean time, I will bake a small light fruit cake. Something similar to a Simnel cake would be easy to do and I can still marzipan and put icing on it.

Simnel Cake Recipe from BBC