Food Ramblings

I’m finally going to do it. I’m going to write a cookbook.

When I was a little kid my parents used to drive past a shop that was called a Book Makers, I thought it sounded like a fantastic place to have your books made and decided that one day I would love to write a book. It took me a few years before I found out a book makers was actually a betting shop but the idea has always stuck in my mind that I wanted to have my own published work.

After thinking about what I would like to write my cookbook on I have noticed that one blog post more than any other generates a lot of traffic; almost every day someone looks at my blog specifically for that recipe that I created. It sparked something in my brain and now I feel like I cant relax with so many thoughts going around inside my head. One thing is for sure, I will write a cookbook. Nowadays my book with probably be published in ebook format but hopefully if it isn’t too expensive I could print myself a few copies so that I could finally have it on my bookshelf and keep one aside to give to my daughter when she is older.

My brain is buzzing with ideas, photographs, layouts and of course recipes. I am not going to reveal anything at the moment, just that I have lined up some testers of my friends and will be really starting to put this together. I am very lucky to know graphic designers, my cousin is a very talented artist and I am ok with a camera (don’t judge me on what I do on here – they are taken on my phone!) so over the next few years or so I will build this up. I know it wont be a quick process and I wont make my millions but it will fulfil my dream.