Old Fashioned sweet shop: Lemon and Orange sherbet dips

Sherbet Lollypops

The first month of a whole new year and I am hoping that this year will be another exciting year.

I love making and eating sweets so I decided to start my 2019 with something that I was excited to try for a while, both because of its simplicity and because there really is nothing more that epitomises a classic sweet shop item – Sherbet dip lollies!

When I was a kid, I usually bought these for 20p from the local shop (from that you can probably work out whether I am younger or older than you) although honestly age is very irrelevant with sweets anyway, just ask my dad!

For these I used a recipe from The Vintage Sweet Book by Angel Adoree to create both the lollies and the sherbet.

For flavouring I went for a classic lemon sherbet, though I decided not to colour it yellow and for the lollies I made them orange flavoured and coloured them using a peach gel colour. Orange and lemon, you can’t really go wrong with that can you?

I have an idea for a fun children’s party – bowls of different flavour sherbet, sugars and lolly pops.

Different colours and flavours with scoops and bags so people can mix and match to their liking. The flavours and colours could be endless and they would beautiful to display.

Although the lollies aren’t fragile, I have not found a way of storing them easily as they tend to go a little sticky. I’m sure that there are ways to do this but I need to look into it more.

Just a little word of warning – although these are simple and cute to make they do involve boiling sugar to a very high temperature so aren’t suitable for kids to help out with.

You may not have the book I used so here are some links to good recipes:

Peppermint lollies

Sherbet dips

Cupcake, Sweet

The gift of cupcakes

Sorry I haven’t written anything in a while, but although I haven’t been blogging, I have been baking…I’ve been baking cupcakes!

I was going to be going to my friends hen a couple of weeks ago but due to having a small baby and all the demands which comes with that – I couldn’t go.
So I decided to pop along to wave everyone off and bring some cupcakes along.  I decorated them with pink glitter and hearts that I spray painted silver, obviously the theme of love, although from the sound of the night they had it might have been better to decorate them a little more rude.  hehe.

The next cupcakes I made as a gift was for my cousin who is training to be a tattooist.  She tattooed my husband and as she can’t be paid yet, I made her some cupcakes.  My husband said it might be a little bit strange taking a box of cupcakes into a tattoo studio but I thought they would go down fine.

I’ve never really thought about cupcakes much as they are very common nowadays but I have to say that because of the amount of different flavours or styles you can decorate them with that I am sure I will keep making them for people.  They look very pretty when you have them all together in a box, especially since I bought some boxes and my husband designed me some labels for them.  I should have really taken some photos of them but I didn’t really think to, I promise I will next time.

If you want to try making the cupcakes that I make as gifts for people then please have a look at the recipe here that I made for my sister’s wedding.  The cupcakes I always make use muffin size cases so that everyone has a good sized little cake.