Food Ramblings

New Kitchen

I am very lucky to have a husband who understands that to be a good baker, you need some good tools – so we are having a new oven.

Our old oven is a very small gas oven which has a tendency to switch itself off, if it feels it’s not getting enough attention! 
My new oven is ideal for baking –  it is large, fan assisted, with a gas hob.

Whilst baking it is very important to have an even temperature and when it turns off then it can make your cake go soggy or your bread not rise properly which is pretty upsetting when you have spent ages making it.

The problem with having a new oven means that we have to re-arrange half of our kitchen to do it.  My husband has had to build a wall to block off a door so my new oven has somewhere to go.

Even though it is probably going to be a couple of weeks yet before my oven is installed I am very excited and already planning some of the recipes that I can cook in it. 

I am taking the day off work on Friday and spending the day with my mom who has just come out of hospital after having an operation, so I think that I can do some baking.  I’ll have to have a dig through my cookbooks and decide what to make.