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Makowiec aka Poppy Seed cake

I’m lucky to have a little bit of a mix of culture and food in my family, my granddad was Polish, my Nan was Italian and the rest of my family is English.

I often eat Italian food on a regular basis but not so much Polish, however, I have recently found a recipe that I can’t wait to make to eat again… makowiec, or also known affectionately as poppy seed cake.

When I little we always used to get one of these from the market in Cannock, it used to be our Saturday afternoon treat.
Unfortunately, as time goes on and shops shut down I don’t know where I can buy this from locally now. I still have a tendency to go into a Polish shop and look for this whenever I see one but they recently they have become few and far between.

So I have decided that I am going to try and make my own. Armed with this recipe Makowiec  from The Fresh Loaf I am hoping that it is going to turn out wonderful.
I guess I shouldn’t get my hopes up too high as I am still a beginner in learning the fine art of bread making, but if it does come out well then I will making this at every available opportunity. Firstly, I need to find where I can buy a lot of poppy seeds as they are quite expensive in the supermarket.

With the baby nearing halfway through its proving time I want to make sure I have a good staple of recipes that bring back memories so that when it is old enough it can appreciate the baked goods that I loved as a child… and this is definitely one I want to continue.

Has anyone else tried making this? If so then I would love to hear your recipes or any other sweet Polish treats.