Food Ramblings

A look back on 2012 and a look forward to 2013

The year 2012 has been quite an eventful time in my life – my sister got married, I bought an electric oven …and of course we welcomed our daughter Alice into the world after 9 long months of baking.

It’s been amazing how everything changed over night – me and my husband had to learn how to be parents, my parents inherited the role of grandparents, my sister became an aunt and my brother in law an uncle. Phew…and in all that I still love to bake!

So what’s going to happen in 2013?

Next year I would love to do more with my baking, but I obviously have a new priority for the next few years.  I still have the desire to write a cookbook and more than ever the idea of a children’s cookbook is appealing.  Recently I have been looking into creating a digital e-book with the advantage of no printing costs and utilizing my husbands graphic design skills.
I don’t know if this will actually get going in 2013 due to the speed that time goes these days but any step forward is a good one.

My resolutions

I don’t know why but every year I try to write some new year resolutions.  I wouldn’t say I ‘break’ them each year either because I like to try to make them pretty general so I don’t feel bad I haven’t kept to them [and end up eating more cake, thus breaking the healthy eating/lose weight one]

1. Try not to be too serious, everything has something funny in the situation.

2. Either lose some of my baby weight or learn to be happy with my body.

3. Spend as much time as I can with my family and appreciate every day.

4. Try not to go to chocolate whenever I am tired.

5. Try not to get mardy (it means sorta snappy/grumpy) even if the situation is really annoying.

6. Keep baking and blogging.

And finally – don’t sweat the little stuff.
I don’t have a motto but if I did then it would be that. Life is too short to be hung up on the little things, the big things like keeping your health or spending your family and friends are much more important than forgetting the washing up.