Food Ramblings

The curse of the summer diet

It happens every year so I should expect it but this time of year is always feared by bakers… the summer diet. Unfortunately, this years dieters have hit my baking ideas harder than ever as both my biggest cake eaters, my dad and my husband, are on their healthy eating diets.

I don’t have any plans to sabotage their healthy eating regimes nor do I want to not sound like I am very proud of them both for doing it without any prompting, but I am wondering… who’s going to eat cake?

Whilst I can still stand up with my big round baby belly I have a few ideas of things I want to bake – my birthday cake, rum and coke cupcakes, fudge, my sisters birthday cake…

I have decided that this weekend I am going to start the ball rolling for my birthday cake. I am going to make myself a lemon sponge filled with sharp lemon curd and then coated in some lemon butter cream icing – yes, I like lemon flavour!
I have never made lemon curd before but I have been assured by my mom (and Delia Smith) that it is easy to do. I want to have a very sharp lemon flavour as usually lemon curd is very sweet. I do like shop bought lemon curd but I think for the recipe I have in my head it needs to be sharp tasting.

Luckily I work in a large open plan office so if I do decide to go a little mad with the baking over the weekend then I am sure there are people who are very willing to help me out by eating my cakes.